„I purchased the Ensemble Firewire interface 6 years ago from Sweetwater and it has performed well in my in home studio. After reading about Apogee’s new Thunderbolt version I contacted my longtime sales rep, Nate Edwards, to discuss the product. As usual, Nate provided a detailed first hand perspective on the Ensemble Thunderbolt and I decided to make the switch.

The Thunderbolt version is a significant qualitative step increase vs the Firewire version. Mic preamps, interface options, ease of use and conversion, latency elimination, etc, are all improved. However, the biggest difference/benefit to me are the results. Whether you are listening to the Thunderbolt in a live setting or its recorded output, the fidelity of the music is greatly improved. Transparency, soundstage, imaging, make this a true „prosumer“ device at a reasonable cost. It is the most „analog“ sounding digital recording interface I have heard outside of a professional studio.”

John from Chicago, IL
From Sweetwater