Beat Magazin – Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II Review

„In Sachen Klang kann man dem Symphony I/O MkII nur Bestnoten ausstellen. Der Sound ist absolut gleichmäßig, überaus detailliert und sehr stofflich. Dynamik und Tiefenstaffelung sind ebenfalls hervorragend. Die Mikrofon-Vorverstärker liefern ein kraftvolles, nuanciertes Abbild aller Eingangssignale. […] Produzenten, die auch sonst auf Qualität setzen, finden im Symphony I/O MkII eine hervorragende, vergleichsweise zukunftssichere Audioplattform für ihr musikalisches Schaffen.“

Apogee Symphony I/O 8X8+8 Mic Preamp ThunderBridge Symphony 64 TapeOp Review

Tape Op Magazine – Symphony I/O Review

„…It was like we upgraded the speakers. It was more real. I felt closer to standing in the room when the band played…But only within the context of a real project was I able to appreciate the magnitude of improvement – in realism, depth, and dynamics – that comes with the Symphony system. These converters will upgrade your recording in a significant way.“

Sweetwater – Hands On Review: Apogee Symphony I/O

„The Symphony preamps are clean and clear, with great dynamics. They easily hold up to (or surpass) far more expensive standalone mic preamps. And, of course, the conversion quality is totally top notch. The system was rock solid. I had nary a glitch or hiccup during hours and hours of sessions.

Next, I moved the Symphony to my home studio and connected it to a Symphony 64 card in my Mac Pro. I used it for mixdowns and overdubs. Once again, it was completely rock solid. There was never a problem with latency, and the sound quality was crystal clear, full, and transparent.

If you’re looking for the best, most flexible converter/interface available, then you need the Apogee Symphony. It simply doesn’t get better than this!“

Tape Op – Apogee Symphony I/O Review

„We’ve been really happy with Symphony I/O here at The Hangar, and I feel like it’s not only a good audio investment, but that I’ll likely still be using it in ten years, which is not something that you can say about a lot of digital hardware, as it tends to become obsolete quickly. But Apogee has always been a step or two ahead of the curve sonically, and Symphony I/O’s versatile architecture leaves a lot of room for future options, expansion, and upgrades. If you’re looking for a high- end, versatile converter system, you really need to consider it.“

Sound on Sound – Apogee Symphony I/O Review

„With versatile I/O complements, comprehensive software control, and the ability to connect directly to computers via USB, 64PCIe interface, or Pro Tools HD interface, the Symphony is a very attractive system. The quality of the audio signal path lives up to Apogee’s claims – this is a very nice and extremely transparent-sounding converter, without the subtle colourations that have been associated with earlier Apogee designs.“

Audio Media – Apogee Symphony I/O Review

„The Symphony I/O upholds Apogee’s pedigree with respect to audio quality while adding expandability, felxibility, and ease of use into the equation. It works beautifully as an alternative or companion to Avid’s own interfaces in a Pro Tools HD system and just as well on its own, either with Apogee’s 64 PCIe card or the basic USB connectivity…I think Apogee has got it just right with the Symphony I/O and I’m looking forward to seeing how the system develops over the coming years.“