Sound on Sound – Making Music On The Move feat. Apogee Quartet

„While there are many manufacturers whose audio interfaces support iOS (RME, Focusrite, and others), Apogee are arguably more serious than most about their interfaces being used with iOS devices. The Quartet (like the company’s One and Duet interfaces) now comes with both 30-pin and Lightning cables, in addition to a regular USB cable for use with a Mac. And, best of all, that 30-pin or Lightning cable is also able to power and charge your iOS device. This is a really big deal since the majority of audio interfaces that can be connected to an iOS device don’t have such capability, meaning you only get one charge’s worth of music or audio work with the interface attached.“

Audiofanzine – Apogee Quartet Review

„You can consider the Quartet as a larger Duet 2, which is no surprise. The product is just as easy to use, well thought-out, and very attractive. Their sound is exactly the same thanks to its high-quality, low-noise preamps with 75dB of gain. Luckily, Apogee included eight ADAT channels with the Quartet.“

Worship Leader – Apogee Quartet Review

„Apogee Quartet blew away my expectations in both build and sound quality, and in ease of use and functionality. Using the Quartet feels like you have two devices built into one: a professional 4×8 interface and a monitor control device with fantastic digital to analog conversion. Quartet connects seamlessly to Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad but still has no Windows connectivity, so if you’re a Windows user you’re out of luck for now. Digital inputs increase the value of the Quartet as you can use Apogee’s clocking and conversion to expand to up to 8 more channels. At $1395, Quartet is not cheap, but its intuitive design, superior sound quality, and seamless, integrated iOS connection make it head and shoulders above any other interface in its class and well worth the money.“ – Apogee Quartet Review

„If you’re really serious about capturing quality audio and you’re looking for a device that works not just with your iPad, but you can also use with a Mac, you might want to consider the Apogee Quartet. The Quartet is definitely the priciest of the devices we’ve looked at in this series, but you can really feel the quality throughout this device. From its solid metal construction to the quality components, to the warm rich tones it captures.“

GigaOM – Hands on with the Apogee Quartet

„I’m not at all close to a pro-level musician, but the Apogee line has been synonymous with pro-level audio quality for a long time. Reviewing items that cost this much money are a little tough because at the back of my mind is always “it costshow much?” With the Quartet, if you need to record more than two inputs and need a portable device that works with your Mac or iOS device that gives you pro-level sound, then yes, the Quartet is worth the hefty price tag.“

Recording Magazine – Apogee Quartet Review

„In this review I went through the acrobatics of “setting aside the fact that this is an iOS-compatible gizmo” because one must first realize that the Quartet is one serious interface. Up to 12 inputs, 8 outputs, full monitor management, low-latency mixing, extremely flexible studio control, MIDI integration, and more, all combined with the sound that made Apogee famous… it all adds up to the Quartet being a very heavy hitter in the DAW-hardware arena. Once you’ve grasped that, then you can add in that it makes a brilliant portable iOS audio/MIDI solution, one that takes the iPad’s processing power seriously when paired with the right apps.

Whether you believe the future is in the palm of your hand or you’re still solidly siding with the tried-and-true Mac platform… or if you want to be able to move between both worlds and rely on top-quality interfacing no matter what… then the Quartet is a sound investment that will pay major dividends in your final mixes.“

Unique Squared – Quartet Overview with Miles Walker

„The Apogee Quartet is a solidly built, high quality, USB audio interface for those using Apple products from the iPad and iPhone to Apple laptop and desktop computers. While we can tell you all day how cool, interesting, and useful the iOS connectivity is, the barometer for quality when it comes to interfaces will always be the sound. In that regard you can’t go wrong with the Apogee Quartet with its great analog to digital converters and fantastic sounding microphone pre-amps.“

American Songwriter – Apogee Quartet Review

„Are you a performing songwriter and Apple devotee looking to upgrade your recording setup? Perhaps you have a one or two input recording interface and would like to capture your duo or band in a more organic live setting? Or maybe you simply have outdated gear. If so, make the new Apogee Quartet your command central and don’t look back.“

Sound on Sound – Apogee Quartet Review

„When judging the value of something like the Quartet, you have to factor in what it might cost you to add decent mic preamps to a more mundane interface and also the cost of a separate monitor controller. You also have to consider logistics — where is everything going to fit? Quartet provides a compact solution capable of true ‚big boys‘ performance. „