Mix Magazine – Quartet Product Review

„The preamps and converters in the Quartet don’t sound like a cheap circuit with the Apogee name; they have that Apogee sound. Rather than just being honest and transparent, it would be fairer to say that nothing is lost, but they do seem to add a little sparkle to the top end. When capturing the subtleties of the creaks and finger drags and the little details that make an acoustic performance feel real, the preamps of the Quartet and the One leave nothing to be desired. The same could be said about the way they record vocals. With all the breath and humanity that they preserve, the recorded performance is really true to itself…In general, the Quartet is a rock-solid music creation station. It’s serious, professional, looks fantastic and sounds even better. The features are just right, no frivolity. The iOS bonus just made it that much better.“

Sound on Sound – Making Music On The Move feat. Apogee Quartet

„While there are many manufacturers whose audio interfaces support iOS (RME, Focusrite, and others), Apogee are arguably more serious than most about their interfaces being used with iOS devices. The Quartet (like the company’s One and Duet interfaces) now comes with both 30-pin and Lightning cables, in addition to a regular USB cable for use with a Mac. And, best of all, that 30-pin or Lightning cable is also able to power and charge your iOS device. This is a really big deal since the majority of audio interfaces that can be connected to an iOS device don’t have such capability, meaning you only get one charge’s worth of music or audio work with the interface attached.“

Lynda.com – Apogee Quartet Review

„If you’re really serious about capturing quality audio and you’re looking for a device that works not just with your iPad, but you can also use with a Mac, you might want to consider the Apogee Quartet. The Quartet is definitely the priciest of the devices we’ve looked at in this series, but you can really feel the quality throughout this device. From its solid metal construction to the quality components, to the warm rich tones it captures.“

Recording Magazine – Apogee Quartet Review

„In this review I went through the acrobatics of “setting aside the fact that this is an iOS-compatible gizmo” because one must first realize that the Quartet is one serious interface. Up to 12 inputs, 8 outputs, full monitor management, low-latency mixing, extremely flexible studio control, MIDI integration, and more, all combined with the sound that made Apogee famous… it all adds up to the Quartet being a very heavy hitter in the DAW-hardware arena. Once you’ve grasped that, then you can add in that it makes a brilliant portable iOS audio/MIDI solution, one that takes the iPad’s processing power seriously when paired with the right apps.

Whether you believe the future is in the palm of your hand or you’re still solidly siding with the tried-and-true Mac platform… or if you want to be able to move between both worlds and rely on top-quality interfacing no matter what… then the Quartet is a sound investment that will pay major dividends in your final mixes.“