Guitarist with an iPhone, iPad or Mac? Apogee Jam will be the best $100 you’ll ever spend

„Although the gizmo costs $99 (£79), the convenience and freedom it gives any guitarist ensures that you are not wasting a single penny. In fact, its portability alone and its performance really out performed what I expected from a relatively small, plastic accessory. I simply don’t see a downside to buying the Jam by Apogee. It’s a lot of fun and can be taken anywhere. Awesome!“

Macworld – Apogee Jam guitar interface lets you rock through your dock

„Compared to other iPad guitar inputs I’ve used, like Griffin’s GuitarConnect Cable and IK Mulitimedia’s iRig, the Jam had the clearest sound. The Griffin is too overdriven and could benefit from a gain control knob.The iRig sounds better than the Griffin, but there’s a little noise in clean tones. Neither the Griffin or iRig can plug into your Mac.“