Delamar – Apogee GiO Review

„Der Sound, den die Wandler produzieren, ist tadellos. Auch die Latenz fällt sehr gering aus, was für ein vergnügliches und virtuoses Spiel sehr wichtig ist. Die Integration in GarageBand geht mühelos vonstatten, was den Spaßfaktor noch erhöht.“

Unique Squared – Apogee GiO Review

„This is a no brainer if you spend a lot of time in a personal home studio and efficiency is important to you. You will save a lot of time by eliminating all the hands on work you would normally have to do to start, stop, and resume recording in your workspace. The ability to change the tone of your guitar on the fly further simplifies the recording process.“

Guitar Goddess – Apogee GiO Review

„The Apogee GiO makes guitar recording seamless. It allows you to control recording functions, preset changes, plug-ins, playback and loop back features. Gone are the days of running across the room to hit record or pause after you nail your guitar solo.“