DJ Times – iOS Platform Solutions for DJs – featuring Duet for iPad/Mac

„The device just works, works well and with its intuitive design and diminutive form factor, its not in the way – literally or figuratively.

What I find most compelling about Duet for iPad and Mac, however, is the utility, and the ability to leverage one investment across multiple use cases. I’m planning to keep Apogee’s breakout box connected and wired up on my desktop studio Mac, while using the „octopus-style“ breakout cable for mobile use on both my MacBook Pro, and iPad. While the Duet represents true investment in your music making (with a street price of around $650), the ability to easily move the compact, lightweight „brains“ of the system around amortizes the cost across three different work environments, letting me get creative literally anytime, anywhere. And with its awesome specs and performance, it ensures professional results no matter which approach I’m taking.“

Beatport – Apogee’s Duet brings top-quality sound to the bedroom-producer market

„The Duet for iPad & Mac interface is Apogee’s latest step towards bringing its renowned sound to those outside the world of professional recording studios, streamlining everything that has made Apogee products an industry standard into a more compact, portable, and affordable package, and now complete with full MIDI functionality and the ability to work directly with an iPad or iPhone.“