Customer Spotlight – Reza Moosavi

Reza Moosvai is a multi-talented, 2 time ASCAP award winning composer, production sound mixer with notable credits to match. „The confidence of knowing your work is going to really shine because your equipment is rock solid is one of the best qualities of using the Apogee Ensemble,“ he says.

Jason McGerr – Musician

Recent Projects: Death Cab for Cutie

„I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve spent trying to troubleshoot my previous setup, unable to consistently record for months, chasing random problems. This entire new Symphony I/O system, superior sound and inaudible latency blew my mind after building the first session. The transparency and imaging while both monitoring record enabled tracks and playback was brand new to me, almost like I had upgraded my monitors. Clearly these converters are magic, especially for capturing my drums!“

David Greenbaum – GRAMMY Winning Engineer

Recent Projects: Beck, Sophie and the Bom Boms

“The gorgeous sounding converters are what originally drew me to Apogee years ago and I’ve been using their hardware ever since. I love the new Ensemble… It has the lowest latency and is actually easier on your computer’s CPU than other interfaces out there. It has super versatile I/O options and seamless software integration. Less hassle. More time for creativity. I sound like a commercial, but I mean it!! I use the Ensemble at my studio and the Duet when I’m on the road.”

Turn It Up (Featuring Andrew Gold)

Andrew Gold (AKA Team EZY) is an up-and-coming producer and DJ from Los Angeles. Drew began his career performing at local warehouse parties and events before touring for several years as a DJ tech for Skrillex, renowned artist and friend. When creating his music, Drew uses the Apogee Duet. When he wants to make or share music on the go, he takes the Apogee Groove USB headphone amp and DAC. “Apogee is one of my favorite companies around and Groove is a little treat that makes the listening experience a lot better when you are on the road and out of the studio”, Drew comments.



Certified Green Company

Apogee Electronics has been re-certified by the City of Santa Monica as a Green Business for operating in a responsible manor by reducing waste, maximizing energy efficiency and keeping the smallest carbon footprint as possible to protect our environment.

Hear More Goosebumps (Featuring Harrison Kipner)

We recently spent the day in Venice, California with Harrison Kipner, a fiercely independent third generation songwriter, performer and producer, and got a glimpse into his world as a young, emerging artist. Harry records with an Apogee Quartet and when he’s listening to music or wants to share work in progress with his dad, he brings Apogee Groove. “When I play something to him, I need it to sound good, so I bring the Groove” Harry remarks. “I just plug it into a laptop and it feels and sounds like it was in the studio.”



Apogee Supports Global Fund For Women

The Global Fund For Women is an organization that focuses on the human rights of women and girls. They find, fund, and amplify the courageous work of women who are building social movements and challenging the status quo.