Customer Spotlight – Amanda Mayo

„My Duet 2 helps me achieve my sound in many ways. I use it with a Shure SM7B mic to record vocals and love how clean the sound is compared to what I’d get from my previous audio interface…It’s the piece of my studio that connects the dots between all of my gear and I use it during every one of my sessions, as well as while listening to music to prepare for DJ sets and for fun.“

Customer Spotlight – Reza Moosavi

Reza Moosvai is a multi-talented, 2 time ASCAP award winning composer, production sound mixer with notable credits to match. „The confidence of knowing your work is going to really shine because your equipment is rock solid is one of the best qualities of using the Apogee Ensemble,“ he says.

Customer Spotlight – Pete Nottage

„The Apogee ONE is my go-to device for voiceovers on-the-road, when I can’t take my full setup with me. Despite its size, it’s quite a powerful piece of kit. It’s portable and versatile, meaning I can use it wherever I am in the world. Plus the fact I can plug it straight into my Macbook really helps.“

Customer Spotlight – Bridgid Bibbens

Bridgid Bibbens is one of the most in-demand electric and acoustic violinists in the US. She has performed with major artists in the rock, pop and jazz worlds.When she’s not touring and performing to sold-out audiences in major venues throughout the US, she’s paying it forward by teaching children the gift of music.

Customer Spotlight – Andrew Synowiec

You may not have heard of Andrew Synowiec by name, but chances are you have heard his guitar playing. From blockbuster movies, to theme songs on major network tv, to Billboard hits, Andrew is one of LA’s busiest session musicians. He has contributed to records selling over 10 million copies worldwide and garnered eleven combined Grammy nominations. He musicianship is a force to be reckoned with.

Customer Spotlight – Jason Klassi

Jason Klassi is an author/documentary filmmaker/producer/composer and space travel enthusiast. An Apogee Duet user, Jason combines his passion for space exploration and education with his deep love of music. Check out his story, the first in our new Customer Spotlight blog series.