Brent Paschke – Musician

Recent Projects: Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Hudson
„Doing session work & traveling around the world touring at the same time can be tough – warming up pre show or recording a session on the fly. This is where JAM has really kicked ass for me. It’s always in my backpack & with me at all times. So as long as I have my computer, phone, or iPad I’m good to warm up…Actually had to use in a Pharrell session recently on a rush. Worked great!”

Chris Stein – Musician

Recent Projects: Blondie
„My recording situation in New York city is bare bones except for the pretty expensive new Mac pro I’m using. I have no space and am in a little office room. But the Ensemble adds a ‘bigness’ and expansive sound and handling to the whole situation. Its easy/fast to use and a great graduation from my old one which I used with more outborad gear for several albums worth of material.”

Matt Squire – Producer, Songwriter

Recent Projects: Panic! at the Disco, KREWELLA, Hollywood Undead, 3OH!3
„The Apogee MiC has changed the way we do everything at Matt Squire Productions. Its quite simply the first portable microphone that sounds amazing. Since integrating it into our process, we have been making top quality tracks with it on our phones, tablets and laptops. Our artists love the sound and convenience of it. MiC is truly the beginning of a revolution in audio recording.“

Jean-Philip Grobler – Musician

Recent Projects: St. Lucia
„Apogee products have been central to the St. Lucia sound since it’s inception. I recorded a great deal of ‚When the Night‘ with an Ensemble, and it never let me down in terms of workflow or sound quality. The Duet is used on any location recording I do“