Zane Carney Guitarist for John Mayer using the Apogee ONE

Zane Carney – Musician

Recent Projects: Confluence and Amalgam
„I bring my Apogee ONE with me whenever I go out on tour with John Mayer, and it’s helped me finish two distinctly different solo records in the process. The fact that it’s so compact is an added bonus for the touring lifestyle – I would have brought this puppy in a rack unit if that’s what it took!“

Myles Kennedy – Musician

Recent Projects: Slash, Alter Bridge
“I’ve been a loyal Apogee user for years. I recently discovered ONE to be the perfect solution for any artist/songwriter who wants an interface that will not slow down the creative process while on the road. Plug in the USB cable, fire up Logic or Garageband and you are ready.”

Diego Stocco – Sound Designer, Composer

Recent Projects: DTS Sound Signature, „Dustland“, „Music from a Dry Cleaner“
“I really love the Apogee sound; in a way, I feel there’s something magic about how their converters can transform electricity and a string of bytes into beautiful sounds. The Apogee ONE, Ensemble and Symphony I/O are all an essential part of my studio.”