David Greenbaum – GRAMMY Winning Engineer

Recent Projects: Beck, Sophie and the Bom Boms

“The gorgeous sounding converters are what originally drew me to Apogee years ago and I’ve been using their hardware ever since. I love the new Ensemble… It has the lowest latency and is actually easier on your computer’s CPU than other interfaces out there. It has super versatile I/O options and seamless software integration. Less hassle. More time for creativity. I sound like a commercial, but I mean it!! I use the Ensemble at my studio and the Duet when I’m on the road.”

Chris Stein – Musician

Recent Projects: Blondie
„My recording situation in New York city is bare bones except for the pretty expensive new Mac pro I’m using. I have no space and am in a little office room. But the Ensemble adds a ‘bigness’ and expansive sound and handling to the whole situation. Its easy/fast to use and a great graduation from my old one which I used with more outborad gear for several albums worth of material.”