Jean-Philip Grobler – Musician

Recent Projects: St. Lucia
„Apogee products have been central to the St. Lucia sound since it’s inception. I recorded a great deal of ‚When the Night‘ with an Ensemble, and it never let me down in terms of workflow or sound quality. The Duet is used on any location recording I do“

Behind the scenes with Saturday Night Live musical director Eli Brueggeman with the Apogee Duet

Eli Brueggemann – Musical Director of Saturday Night Live

Recent Projects: Saturday Night Live
„I can’t stress enough how important the workflow is in this kind of environment. If you can’t figure it out in a couple minutes, find another path. And my Duet is my trusty machete through this jungle of last minute changes. My workflow has to be so fast right now that it demands stable products which deliver the same result every time, anywhere. Apogee’s products have always given me the peace of mind to do what I have to do.“